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Greetings fellow earthlings far and wide. This is the photoblog of James Dahmer. It is designed to be a place to organize thoughts in the long lesson that life teaches me, but hopefully it becomes more of a conversation that you and I can share as we both learn the twists and turns of life. Perhaps however, this can be a place where you can follow my antics, should you be so interested. This is a collection of my adventures, a sonar ping in the depths of the web. I chose to begin this site because I need a place to put my thoughts, and I feel that too few people spare their minds to sit and ponder the whys and the hows and the goings-on of our world. This is a place of individuality, and a sanctuary from monotony. A place of wondrous experiences and appreciation for our surroundings. So cozy up to your tea, fuzzy blanket, sunlit cafe, bustling airport, or wherever you are, and do please let me know what you think.

I am a freelance photographer and am available for personal photoshoots including but certainly not limited to sports and weddings. Please contact me at

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  1. judithdahmer

    Jamie, Have been viewing your photos as well as reading our introduction above. Grandpa and I are blown away!!!
    Will go back on at another time to read and view more.

    Nanny Judy
    p.s Always knew you were special.

    September 1, 2013 at 17:03

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