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Donald Trump

Immediately following the election of Trump, my inner thoughts started circling the drain. I looked at my aspirations for the future and saw them fade further into the distance due to the powers of one orange man. I have yet to get a proper night’s sleep. It was a long struggle for my brain’s positivity to finally reach ground and strike. The following is how we can turn this into a good thing:


  • Democracy, in its ideal state, is a great idea. In action, it clunks along and rarely gets anything done. In fact over my lifetime, I’ve watched change for the better, our progression to a harmonised world act so slowly that it’s unimaginable how we lived so long under the grey skies of LGBT oppression, women’s inequality, environmental protection, or proper control over the rich. Those, we thought, should be standard by now. Democracy has failed us with our electoral systems, our corporate lobbying, our unequal taxation, and the bureaucratic paperwork mess. And once again, Democracy has delivered its worst yet – Donald Trump.
    1. The result is a growing population of people who have progressed in their dreams faster than democracy can move, and now there are millions protesting in the streets of America because their vote has gone unheard for too long. It’s time for us and them to unite in our conversations and our support in continuing to pressure the government for that change,
    2. But also to invest in that change. Capitalist democracy’s obvious weakness is that money has overrun the vote of the people. But AS the people, we can invest in our change, and that same broken system will begin to work in our favour. We need to be willing to live a little smaller and a little tighter and support each other more in order to afford that kind of change, but this was never supposed to be easy.
    3. Do not use social media as your outlet for change. Google word clouds or hashtags do not make change. Participation and action does. Protest, lobby, become part of your government, get educated and educate others. Support groups and associations that work for change. For too long we have been complacent and numb to democracy, and we are seeing the result. Remind people that not voting is in fact a vote. We have an obligation to take part in our government, because we are now getting a taste of what it feels like to live under oligarchy, and now, potentially a fascist dictatorship.
    4. Seek an open mind. Just because you are impartial to a certain policy or change, doesn’t mean your neighbour is. The world is a diverse place, and welcoming diversity is an example of maturity. Diversity in our culture is just as heartwarming as music, art, and comedy, and is our absolute best traits as humans. Democracy is supposed to honour that.
  • Donald Trump IS a wild card. He is the joker in the deck. He has a long history of changing his stance and pursuing the malleability of markets, and most recently, his voters. He has been for and against everything from the social issues to the economic ones, to the militarised ones. His rhetoric has been absolutely daunting in terms of his ideas towards NATO and internal deportations and border closings – but I think that when decent Americans watch as those words become actions, it will be a very fast learning experience. If empathy is not found in the rounding up and breaking of families in this modern era, we truly will be doomed.
    1. Donald is a game changer. He is nothing like America has ever seen before. He may very well buckle under the pressure and turn to his people and ask what they want. He is a man driven by dollars, and if he sees profits greater in renewables than what he sees in oil, we may actually see the unimaginable; federal investment and job creation in renewable infrastructure. (this may be the most crazy idea to cross my mind, but hey… If that actually happens, it’ll happen faster under a Trump presidency than it would under any democratic one)
    2. Donald is also a complete Narcissistic asshole, and seeks validity in his image. He has shown no shame or planning in any of his positions, and so he is a product of the people. Currently, he is a product of his bigoted followers. He has not been exposed to the 66,235129 people who didn’t vote for him (301,002 [HC] + 6,116,253[ind] more than his followers) That is a stark percentage of influence glaring down at someone who seeks approval.
    3. Because of those numbers in b.) it is absolutely imperative to not lose hope. Flood this man with your position on important issues until his staffers quit, his phones explode and he is literally drowning in your stance until it’s all he can hear. Never never stop fighting for the world you want to see.
  • This fight was never meant to be easy. Of all the things humanity has done, we have overcome unthinkable obstacles and triumphed over the worst things – time and time again. We send rockets into space, cure diseases, and explore the unknown boldly. We make art and music and engineer and program complex machines. We still look into the skies and seek another mystery to solve.
    1. This is one of them. This right here is the largest stand we’ll ever take against our worst traits. And when we win, we will have learned the greatest lessons: That all of us are valuable, all of us are capable and worthy of complex thought, and we all have visions, ideas, and dreams of the future.
    2. We already have a stark understanding of our effect on the environment, in denial or not, this is a fact. The next four years will be our most important struggle; to prove to our peers, our employers, and our government that investing in climate protection is not only pertinent to our survival as a civilised people, for our biodiversity, and the beautiful prosperity this planet has given to us, but also an economical one. The infrastructure and technology for current power is already in place. Even I was a skeptic. 5 years ago I’d laugh at you if you told me some countries would be living off of renewable energy. But it is real now. We just need to place our chess pieces the right way to get our government to push that button. A lot of that comes from our investment. Save up and make changes in your life.
    3. Some things you can do right this very second. Stop eating beef, carpool, see how your bank can help you recycle your clunker and get you into a more fuel efficient car. Limit your consumption of plastics and oils. Learn where your products come from. Talk to your coworkers and analyse your business’ environmental impact. Grow a garden. Sort your garbage, get involved and support environmental protection. Hold your government accountable to environmental promises. You can have an incredible effect, and millions of even tiny effects can save us a millennia of hardship.

Donald Trump and his supporters make up a mathematical minority of the world. Be angry that your needs from the government have not been met, but transition towards a society built on individuality. Wake up tomorrow with the motivation to make something great, and show kindness to even the people you don’t agree with. Don’t give into the altercation that the narrowminded seek. Go higher, and every tiny step you take towards your dream of a bright, healthy future is still in your reach.

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