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Our Future Under Threat

Our Future is under threat. Let me be specific with what I mean by our future. It is something we have earned through a long and tough learning process as we’ve spent our time here on Earth to make our civilized world a better place. Make no mistake, each and every time we have progressed as a civilization through problems, be it violence and tyranny, natural disasters, intolerance to racial and social issues, or medical and technological advancements; Each time we have overcome ourselves, we have triumphed over our shallow and simplistic views and built a better world. It seems impossible to believe that for the first time in humanity, we have the option of going backwards.
This pertains specifically with symptoms of what I consider a disease that is frothing back up to the surface. Symptoms exemplified by the voice and bigoted views of the United States’ potential new president, who literally seeks to divide the world’s most successful and powerful nation with violence, deportment, and general assault on human decency. It furthers with the blinding ignorance to the obvious reality that Ken Ham is missing during his debate on creationism vs. evolution. We still have so far to go before we can truly start enjoying this world with open and adaptable minds freely connected with our home; as we see it in its beauty and we feel it’s dirt in our fingers. This article will provide insight into the two options we have for our very near future.
I’ll start with some more detailed examples of why I think the world is far better today than it was a decade, a century, or a millennia ago; Intolerance. As I’ve blogged about before, it is imperative to understand that people are not cookie cutter stamps off the assembly line, unified in looks, wants, feelings, ambitions, or ability. These traits can be characterized with the human invention of gender preference, sexuality, race, or culture. Characterization of human individuality is fine I suppose, but when these differences are met with hatred, as they have been for far too long, is nothing short of a symptom of a stupid species not fit for harmony on Earth. The concept that because someone looks, loves, or believes in a different way is grounds for hatred, is an astronomical failure in our self-programming, and we are only just slowly making headway towards equality for all. I give you the option of returning to fire hoses, beatings and lynchings, disappearances, unfair justice, and medieval war as we have countless documents of in our distant and not too distant past. Or I give you a world with at least acceptance. Acceptance that the world looks differently in the eyes of those as close to us as our parents, and those as distant as the world is large. A world filled with diversity and interesting culture – in colours, languages, foods and art, and perspectives on how to live. A species as colourful as the world itself.
Another example is our approach to the health of our home. There is nothing behind the scenes in the word “Earth” – it simply is a complex rock in space that we are privileged to live on. Given our exploits of this planet, we have no choice but to be stewards of this place. You can’t just suck out uncalculated (and it really is unknown) and immense volumes of crude oil, set it ablaze – and expect no result. That is insane. Furthermore, Earth is not something we were given or something we own, or some halfway place enroute to eternal bliss. It IS eternal bliss. We are extremely lucky to have such serene landscapes and stunning beauty. This rock is an ultimate paradise filled with joy, wonder and bliss to spare. We are visitors here, and the length of our stay is directly related to how well we treat this home.
In the simplest of explanations, it simply is not fair to destroy this planet at the expense of our children, or that of other species. We have overcome challenges like this before – like lead in gasoline and other products, like the invention of waste management to prevent disease, and like genetically modified food that is absolutely critical to sustaining our runaway population expansion. Again, there are only two options here, which have two drastically different outcomes. Either we adopt an absolute policy as a civilization that we will respect our home, be creative and inventive in changing our habits that benefit both ourselves and the planet. This is something no species has ever been able to accomplish; to adjust our way of life to serve the planet as opposed to ourselves. Then maybe someday we can in fact claim some ownership of this rock. We can live in a different type of civilization that manipulates its environment for good. Or, we can stay the course, continue the exploitation like every rock and tree and molecule is our god given right to have. We will turn this place into a burnt desert possibly uninhabitable by any complex life form for millennia, which will be a long and agonizing process of self extermination.
Lastly, I’d like to make abundantly clear that this is not meant to be an attack on religion. I am an Athiest, but let me assure you that there is nothing easy about having no religion. Coming to terms with not having memory or placement after death took me many sleepless nights to understand. I see many values in having faith. At the foundation of every religion is peace, forgiveness, and togetherness. Not only did I need to find comfort in not knowing what will become of me after death, as well as proving that I can be a kind and ethical person without scripture proved to be the most difficult mental battle I have ever had. But it helped me to understand the same fears that the writers of biblical scripture had thousands of years ago. Not understanding the future is deeply frightening, and that can cause a mind to twist reality for the betterment of mental comfort. I’m here as a survivor, if you will, to say it’s ok to not know certain things. Having fear of something helps us respect it, and to approach with caution but determined curiosity. And we move forward.
How do we keep moving forward? It’s not enough to just read or write an article It’s not fair or even correct to place our trust for the future in the hands of a few government leaders. Democracy is a two way street and its design can function appropriately if we take part. Take the Bernie Sanders’ “Our Revolution” Movement for example. His legacy has historical determination to secure the future for young voters – people who will be impacted the most by the decisions of today, and he encourages those that follow his movement to take part in their local and federal governments, from simply voting, investing, educating, or running for office itself. For us Bernie supporters, it is imperative to understand that his motion is more powerful than any presidential campaign, but we all must help carry that torch, including supporting a Clinton.
In contrast, Donald Trump is not a stupid person. He knows exactly what he is doing, and it is simple. He wants a silent oppression of intellect and power. What comes out of his mouth is not funny anymore, but repetitively shocking. He is not unique, but one of thousands of leaders and followers that are infected with an intellectual plague that if let to reproduce will literally end us in the worst way possible. This is also extremely serious and if you believe what I wrote prior to this, he will lead the world to all of the latter options.

“And after the final no there comes a yes. And on that yes the world depends.” – Wallace Stevens

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