The Endless Pursuit of Awesomeness.


Along the path to a unified world, we are at a point in our transition where we are increasingly becoming split down the middle. The world is dividing itself between our ways of life. The haves and the have nots, the traditionalists and the idealists, the repressed and the greedy.

Globalization has already happened. It is a fact of our world today. As populations of different faiths, morals, and cultures squeeze into one another, there will not be room for intolerance. There will be no special lanes on the highway, nor seats on the plane. We will be amongst our differences as neighbours.

Few people get to choose their way of life. Whether its race, sexual orientation, economic class, or hometown. This is not going to go away. People’s true selves will always find a way of surfacing. Identity can be ridiculed and tortured, but it is tenacious; it cannot be suppressed. In fact, the harder one group expresses their intolerance towards another, the tougher that group will become.

I argue that this is why free worlds are slowly embracing unique lifestyles. Because the traditional reaction to a different person from oneself is dwindling. People fear being caught in bigotry more than they fear a different person. Minorities are the majority, and we are acknowledging their existence after we pushed them into their own foothold, or until they found compassion in good people.

Two very deep forces of intolerance have been storming for decades, pushing each other into two unified ways of life instead of one, and they are holding all of us from experiencing a promised, bright future.

Those who consider themselves the majority are missing the real beauty of living in today’s world. Our world is endlessly full of differences. Different faiths, climates, colours, languages, forms of trade, cultural gatherings, reasons to celebrate, foods, traditions and onwards. All there for not just our acceptance, but our growth as a civilization. When we understand how a person became so different from us and why, its easy to see that there was no agenda that got them there. People of even the slightest differences can exchange their views of the world in short passing, and we become more accepting of one another. We can expand the concept of what it means to be a minority, by finding what makes us all unique, and understand that without the confines of labels, we are all minorities.

As our world becomes less divided, think not of it as identical people thinking in an identical way, but each person seeing the world through their own eyes, learning from each other, together in harmony. A truly colourful world.


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